Thursday, November 1, 2007

What day is it?

Do you ever wake up wondering what day it is? Do you go off to work feeling that you're missing out on something? Do the people aound you always seem to be celebrating, and you don't know why?

Your fears and doubts are over. Here is the November guide to holidays:

November 1: Nutty Pecan Day Now, why do people usually only eat pecans during the holidays? The are cholesterol and sodium free - and are also full of vitamines and minerals. Eating a handful every day is good for you, but don't forget to try out special pecan recipes, too!

November 2: Piggy Bank Day During the Middle Ages, metal was expensive and rarely used for household utinsels. They used an orange clay called "pygg" to make dishes, pots and jars. And when people saved money at home, they put it in a "pygg jar". The name stuck long after the orange clay was forgotten. By the 18th century in England, the pygg jar had become the pig jar or pig bank. Eventually, potters cast the pig bank in the shape of this common name.

November 3: Sandwich Lovers Day We honor John Montague, born in 1718, the Fourth Earl of Sandwich. Said to have been an avid gambler, he invented the sandwich as a time-saving way to eat while involved in a 24 hour card playing session.We like them because there are no dirty dishes!

November 4: Sadie Hawkins Day Sadie Hawkins Day is an American folk event created by Al Capp in 1937 for the Li'l Abner comic strip. Sadie Hawkins was "the homeliest gal in the hills" who grew tired of waiting for the fellows to come a courtin'. Her father set up a foot race so the unmarried gals could chase the bachelors. You can get the whole story on the official Li'l Abner site. Li'l Abner

November 5: Guy Fawkes Day On November 5, people in England celebrate a holiday called Guy Fawkes Day. Nearly 400 years ago, Guy Fawkes and other conspirators tried to blow up a British Parliament Building in 1605. After being apprehended they were convicted and beheaded in 1606. November 5th is now celebrated as the anniversary of the plot. Ever since, Guy Fawkes Day has been a time for merrymaking. The best part comes as darkness falls. Then, straw dummies are tossed into huge bonfires. Amid cries of glee, firecrackers pop and "the Guy" goes up in a blaze of fire.

November 6: I Love Nachos Day Nachos! Nachos! Who's got the Nachos! Celebrate with chips and cheese sause!

November 7: Bittersweet Chocolate Day Chocolate is said to cure all things including depression. And that's good enough for us.

November 8: Harvey Wallbanger Day Apparently Harvey was a surfer with a passion for Galliano and walking into walls. This is one I probably won't be celebrating. Sorry Harvey.

November 9: Neon Sign Day Neon is an inert, gas. British chemists Sir William Ramsey and Morris Travers discovered the element in the atmosphere in 1898 and named it neon for the Greek word that means "new". Little or no use was made of neon until 1910 when Georges Claude experimented with passing an electrical charge through the neon gas. He received a patent for the Neon Sign on this day in 1911.Las Vegas is so glad he did!

November 10: Toothpaste Day The first known toothpaste was made by Egyptian physicians in 2000 B.C. They mixed powdered pumice stone with wine vinegar and brushed it on with a chewing stick. The Romans later used human urine instead of wine because they thought it whitened the teeth. They were right. Urine continued to be used in toothpaste and mouthwash until the 18th century. Modern toothpastes use ammonia to get the same cleaning action today.

November 11: King Tut Day King Tutankahamen, Egypt's child-king became pharaoh at the age of 9 and died when he was 19 - more than 3,000 years ago. His tomb of priceless relics was discovered on November 4th, 1922. You're on your own to decide about the curse!

November 12: Pizza But No Anchovies Pizza Day The word pizza comes from the Latin word picea which the Romans used to describe the blackening of bread in an oven. The world's first true pizzeria "Antica Pizzeria Port'Alba" opened in 1830, and is still in business today in Naples. An Italian immigrant named Gennaro Lombardi opened the first U.S. pizzeria in 1895 in New York City. Pizza is now consumed all over the world - with or without anchovies!

November 13: World Kindness Day Healing the World By Practicing Random Acts Of Kindness"A long sentence that just means one person can do so much.We start by sending you big hugs!

November 14: Spicey Guacamole Day Holey Moley! - Called ahuacatl by the Aztecs, avocados grew wild throughout Central America and Mexico as early as 900 AD. In fact, archeologists have found pottery with images of avocados from this time period. And they are SO good for you! It's a shame that Guacamole looks like baby dodo.

November 15: Clean Out the Fridge Day It's not The Blob - It's not Ghostbuster's Slime - It's the leftovers in your refrigerator and now... they have a life of their own! Get them before they get you! TIP: An open box of baking soda will get rid of that smell!

November 16: Quit Smoking Day Tobacco use is responsible for nearly one of every five deaths in the US. Make this the first day of your smoke-free life! Want To Quit? Get Free On-Line Help Here! Quit Smoking Help Tips

November 17: Take a Hike Day Doctors say walking is the most important part of a healthy life! We care about you, so check out the Hiking and Walking Homepage - plus the Preventions Walking Club! GORP Hiking and Backpacking American Hiking Society

November 18: Mickey Mouse Day MIC - KEY - M-O-U-S-E Mickey is looking really good for his age -he's in his 70's. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MICK!

November 19: Play Monopoly Day Parker Brothers launched Monopoly Today in 1935. The most expensive Monopoly Set was created by jeweler Sidney Mobell of San Francisco in 1988. The $2-million dollar set is 23-karat gold and the dice have 42 full cut diamonds for spots. WHOA!

November 20: Peanut Butter Fudge Day It's Peanut Butter Fudge Day orYou Got Chocolate On My Peanut Butter!

November 21: Hello World Day Celebrate World Hello Day By Saying "Hi" to at least ten people! I'm starting with you, so...HI!

November 22: Thanksgiving Day It's down to the wire - did you forget anything? Dressing? Cranberries? Yams? Corn on the cob? Pumkin Pie? Opps.. what about the turkey

November 23: Eat a Cranberry Day One of only a few native North American fruits, the cranberry was an important staple long before the Pilgrims arrived. Native Americans, who referred to cranberries as sassamanash, made cakes prepared with lean, dried strips of meat pounded into paste and mixed with animal fat, grains and cranberries.Because of the vitamin C content of cranberries, captains of the early sailing ships supplied their sailors with cranberries to prevent scurvy.

November 24: Native American Day In recognition of the significant contributions the first Americans have made to the establishment and growth of our Nation. Native American History

November 25: Shopping Reminder Day Only 24 more shopping days till XMAS!Okay, okay... we don't really know many days you've got to shop. Do you live where the malls are open on weekends - and how about nights? Still, it's time to make that Christmas list. YIKES!

November 26: College Fraternity Day The first Kappa Alpha formed On November 26, 1825. If you are in college, ever went to college or just wanted to go to college, celebrate Fraternity Day!Now... if we can just figure out who first said, "Boola, Boola!"

November 27: Pie In The Face Day Splat! Splat! You've been hit with a virtual whipped cream pie! But only because I love ya'. It's that kind of a day!

November 28: Poloroid Camera Day Ok, who knows why they are called Land cameras? And, no, it's not because they don't work underwater. They are named after Edwin Land, the man who invented the process of instant photography.

November 29: Turkey Leftovers Day It's been a week since Thanksgiving - and you still have turkey left over. Todays the day to use it or chuck it! Cooks struggling with the question of what to do with all of that turkey, deserve their own special day!

November 30: Sacher Torte Day Austrians take their baking seriously - and the definition of a true Sacher Torte had to be decided in court. In the early 1800's, the Congress of Vienna ruled that a Sacher Torte was made of two chocolate cake layers separated by apricot jam with a chocolate glaze on the top and sides. The most famous Sacher Tort is made (of course)at the Sacher Hotel in Vienna, but you can makes your's at home.

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