Monday, November 12, 2007

Fun But Useless Facts

The internet is such an amazing tool. You can find information on just about anything you want. So here's a sampling of information that I'm sure you'll find interesting. The problem is, I don't know if any of it is useful. Nevertheless I'm sure you'll enjoy these Fun But Useless Facts:

  • If you multiply 111,111,111 by 111,111,111, you get 12,345,678,987,654,321.

  • In Chinese, the words "crisis" and "opportunity" are the same.

  • Denver, Colorado consumes less prune juice per capita than any other city in the United States.

  • Polar bears are left-handed.

  • The first toilet ever seen on television was on "Leave It to Beaver."

  • Women blink nearly twice as much as men.

  • Hitler was claustrophobic. The large elevator leading to his eagles nest in the Austrian Alps was mirrored so it would appear larger and more open.

  • "Moon" was Buzz Aldrin's mother's maiden name. You know Buzz Aldrin. He was the second man on the moon.

  • Paper was invented early in the second century by Chinese eunuch.

  • Elephants are the only mammals that can't jump.

  • Insects outnumber humans 100,000,000 to one. (Not so hard to believe on a warm summer night)

  • Termites are affected by music. They will eat your house twice as fast if you play loud music.

  • The Titanic was running at 22 knots when it hit the iceberg.

  • The plastic things on the end of shoelaces are called aglets.

  • The first owner of the Marlboro company died of lung cancer.

  • The song with the longest title is "I'm a Cranky Old Yank in a Clanky Old Tank on the Streets of Yokohama with my Honolulu Mama Doin' Those Beat-o, Beat-o Flat-On-My-Seat-o, Hirohito Blues" written by Hoagy Carmichael in 1943.

  • During an average lifetime, a man will spend 3,350 hours shaving away 8.4 meters of stubble.

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