Tuesday, November 13, 2007

eBay Tips & Tricks

Bling! It is a new software product designed to help eBay, Amazon and website sellers create dynamic product images that make your photos look like the big guys. Don't get confused by the name.. Bling! It, is actually useful for lots of product applications besides Jewelry.

On eBay and in any competitive online environment, the best product shots get first notice. With Bling! It, your high quality product shots will help you make sales and gain attention.
Bling! It offers extreme ease of use for even the most casual eBay seller to create high-quality web-ready product shots that can compete with large sophisticated sellers. In the past, only the most seasoned Photoshop professional could create product shots like this, but with the availability of Bling! It, even a novice user can create “shot in the studio” quality product images in minutes. All that is required is a digital camera and a few clicks of the mouse. No Photoshop and no complicated layering, outlining, or hours in front of the computer.

Here is some of what the software can do:

  • Sharpen product appearance without hiding a product’s characteristic imperfections
  • Add drop shadows to provide a depth-of-field to the image
  • Use the “Highlight Brush” to lift the image highlights to create a “shot-in-the-studio” feel
  • Enhance product resolution independently from the background to make the product really stand out
  • Embed a logo to make product shots even more professional and protect your image from being stolen
  • Adjust the edge blending between the product and the background to preserve the warm feeling of a sweater or the furry softness of a teddy bear
  • Customize the position, size and rotation of the product relative to the new background with the easy-to-use handling points
  • Optimize the final image for use on various preset e-commerce sites such as eBay or Amazon

Here are a couple of shots that show what you can do:

Before After:

Bling! It is software that downloads to your computer. My readers can get a 15-day Free Trial download at this link.

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