Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The pleasure of being on top!

This is the way my investment tournament win was reported on

EZ Money Wins First-Ever Shootout Tournament

After 5 exciting weeks of trading EZ Money pulled off an EZ victory against Top Leader who went down in a final flurry of trading today. EZ's portfolio ended in a modest 6% gain for the week compared with other porfolios he has shown in earlier weeks. EZ made steady gains throughout the final week ending at $106,493. Top Leader ended the tournament at $100,806 (down $222 for the day).

Each of EZ's 5 matches were strkingly different. The first week EZ ended with a portfolio of $102,701, which was less than $1k over donnyboy. In the 2nd week EZ finished at $104,756, a $6k difference with jujubee's ending portfolio of $98,663. Gidget was EZ's 3rd heads-up match, and finished the week at $89,833 against EZ's $115,820, a 26k difference.

The fourth week was an exciting contest with two apparently equally-matched players. They even traded some of the same stocks. OvertheRainbow$$$ shot ahead in the first day to $163k against EZ's $157k. Rainbow was ahead by over $6k on Tuesday, but lost her edge by a mere thousand dollars on Wednesday and never recovered her lead. By Friday EZ was at $181, and Rainbow was at $162, lower than any portfolio since Monday.

Week 5 started with Top Leader just under EZ. Both were in the red at the end of the first day. They seemed to swap trading days throughout the week, but both ended with some serious last-minute trading. Top Leader could never quite catch up.

The next Shootout starts the second week in October with impressive cash prizes.

I'm inviting everyone to come join us for the next round of tournaments. Why would you want to? Well, one great reason is because they pay cash prizes. $1,000 for first place in most of the tournaments. And at least up to $50 for placing in the top ten of a weekly contest. Another reason is because they are great fun. It's like combining Fantasy Football with investing. One more reason is you can learn a lot about how to manage your investments without any expense.. the tournaments are FREE and you don't use any real money (you just get real money back when you win)

Join us, please.

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