Thursday, July 26, 2007

Personal Journeys

Our journey through life can take us to some beautiful places and introduce us to people and cultures that influence us forever afterwards. I've had the opportunity of visiting the orient (Japan and Korea), a visit to Vancouver, Canada and about two-thirds of the United States. I've been amazed at the variety of landscapes and lifestyles available for us to choose from.

A little over a year and a half ago, my wife and I made the decision to move from our home in Utah. We discussed our options and set out on an internet search of properties. We could go anywhere but we narrowed our selections down based on weather, community, lifestyle, ecomonics, etc. Over time we found ourselves in a little town in Southeast Texas.

We gave up the cold and snowy Utah winters for the hot and humid Texas summers. But we are pleased with our decision. Here's a few photos of our little ranch. I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as we enjoy "walking" them!

View from our pond

A couple of the horses in the south pasture

Looking towards the old barn

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