Thursday, July 26, 2007

Friday's Fabulous Finds

Well, here it is Friday (almost) and time for me to introduce you to Friday's Fabulous Finds. We're going to make this a weekly thing so come back to check it out every Friday.

What is Friday's Fabulous Finds you ask? It's the one day each week when I will share with you some of the various websites I've stumbled across. The sites listed could vary from a G rating to an R rating (I don't do X rated sites) and they may be funny, interesting, educational, bizzare or just plain enjoyable. Some might be commercial sites and others might be free. There might be a description with the link, or there might not, it all just depends on how much time I have. You might be able to figure out what to expect by the name of the site but some may surprise you. So, from this point forward, proceed with caution, click at your own risk and all those other great disclaimers we've grown to know and love.

1. The Death Clock

2. How Stuff Works

3. Wacky Uses for Common Products

4. I Park Like An Idiot

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