Saturday, September 22, 2007

Top Dog

Well I did it! After 5 weeks of difficult trading I walked away the winner of the first ever BigSmarty Wallstreet Head to Head Shootout Tournament.
I struggled this week but managed to keep a modest lead on my competitor until Friday when I was able to widen my lead. I finished with a $6,466 gain. My competitor finished with a $2,817 gain.
The amazing thing is that even though he lost to me, his gain was almost 3% for the week. Why do most people settle for a 2 to 5% gain a year when it's possible to make that in a week? If I averaged 2.8% each week I could grow my money 140% each year (and yes that includes taking a couple weeks off).
Does doubling your money every year sound good to you? Let me show you how.

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