Saturday, September 8, 2007

Civil Wars - It had to come to this

My wife and I have been participating in a wall street investment "shoot out" tournament for the past few weeks. We knew that if we continued winning in our respective brackets that we could end up going head to head against each other. Well, it happened. This next week will see us battling each other to see who can grow a $100,000 investment portfolio the largest in one week.

We usually help one another to find the best stocks for our different portfolios. Next week we will be doing our investigative work in secret. It should be interesting. Actually, I think my wife will win by a landslide. She takes greater risks but often sees the greater returns because of it. I am more conservative but able to make steady gains. I'm excited to go head to head with her.

I expect that we will both do well. Come watch our portfolios grow. Better yet, join us in a weekly tournament to test your investment strategies. The tournaments are FREE. We'll set you up with $100,000 virtual dollars that you can invest in the real stock market. Join our community and learn to make money on Wall Street.

Click here for a free membership to BigSmarty Wallstreet.

Look for the Shoot Out Tournament. My ID is EZ Money.

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