Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Civil War Update

As all of you know, my wife and I have been placed into the same bracket on a head to head investment tournament this week. It's really an honor to have reached this point. The tournament is down to only 4 players and our household comprises 50% of that! Amazing!

I took an early lead on Monday when I put all of my money into one stock that I felt would skyrocket. It did, and my portfolio grew by over $70,000. My wife is a very good investor herself and had picked the same stock. She played it a little safer and made about $69,000.

Then I got careless. Because I am going head to head with my wife, I tried to second guess her strategy. She usually takes more risks than me and I assumed she would continue to press me. Although I usually will take a profit and wait for the next big one, I jumped into some other investments and they lost me about $10,000. My wife, on the other hand was the cautious one and she took the lead as my stocks fell.

Tuesday I made some headway but I couldn't catch her. She had a $7,000 lead on me coming into Wednesday. This is where I had a little luck with some smaller investments that I worked over and over. Buying and selling all morning today until by 12:00 noon I was again in the lead. As of this moment my portfolio is at: $174,679.28 and hers is at: $171,077.62

Join us for some investment fun. We're all amatures and the tournaments are FREE!

I've learned a lot about investing in the stock market just by playing in these free tournaments. You'll have fun and learn more than you can imagine. Write me for more info.

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