Monday, August 13, 2007

Last Nights Meteor Shower

Last night my wife and I stayed up late to experience the Perseids Meteor Shower. We had read in a local paper that Sunday night would be the best night to view the annual show that always lights up the sky in mid August.

We put some blankets in the bed of the pickup and added our pillows then drove the truck out into one of the pastures where we would have an unobscured view of the heavens.

It was past midnight and the air was cool and calm. We remarked on how pleasant it was and we held hands as we laid in the back of the pickup watching for our first "shooting star" of the evening. It didn't take long. A beautiful star with a streaming tail flaired up directly over our heads and shot across the sky.

We didn't stay out much more than about 45 minutes. We were tired and Monday morning was fast approaching. But during our short stay, we witnessed a beautiful display of the Universes magic and appeal. Check your local news or the internet to find the best times to catch this show in your area. It's well worth the time invested.

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