Monday, August 20, 2007

Jim Cramer doesn't beat the market

Breaking News!!!
Cramer's picks haven't beaten the market!

An article in the August 20 edition of Barron's and sent out through reuters on Sunday reported that Jim Cramer's stock picks from his nightly CNBC show "Mad Money" have not beaten the stock market in over two years. Read the Barron's artice here

It didn't come as a surprize because I've felt for some time that his picks just aren't very well researched. I'm only a novice in the stock market but I've out-done his picks since my first few weeks of following the market. (I started in April of this year) Of course, Jim doesn't have the use of the Mentor Center like I do.

Unlike Cramers methods of using emotion to choose stocks, the Mentor Center gathers information from all of the 12000+ stocks on the market and breaks it down for me. It then rates and scores each company so that I can choose from the best. I just spend about an hour a week taking a deeper look at the top 40 to 80 stocks to determine the ones with the best "buy" or "sell" signals. My list is usual broken down to about 8 or 10 stocks that I watch during the week.

I use the website to practice making my trades. They provide FREE practice portfolios filled with $100,000 of virtual cash that I can invest in the real stock market without any risk. This is helping me build up my confidence and abilities to pick good stocks before I start putting my own money into the market. BigSmarty also has tournaments and games to play which makes it extremely interesting and fun. I invite you to join me there (it's free). Drop me an email to let me know your user ID in the tournaments.. we can go head to head sometime.

I'm not the best one there.. in fact, last week I finished in the next-to-last place after investing in a mortgage company which lost about 60% overnight. But it was fun and it wasn't my own money, so what the heck!

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