Thursday, August 16, 2007

I just don't understand Christians

If you read yesterdays entry you know that I am leaning decidedly towards susporting Mitt Romney as a Presidential candidate. I find him to be the candidate with the strongest virtues that I believe in.

What I don't understand is why his religion comes into play. I may just be a poor country boy in Texas but it just don't seem like people are judging him correctly. The Boston Globe reports that an Iowa Christian group circulated flyers at Saturday's straw poll urging people not to vote for Mitt Romney because he is a Mormon. "We strongly believe that Jesus Christ, if he were alive in the flesh in this time and voted, would NEVER vote for Mitt Romney under any circumstances," the flyer says. "Mitt Romney represents Mormonism which is counterfeit Christianity, a cult."

Well I looked into it.. and I learned that in a little over a decade, the Mormon Church has shipped more than 27,000 tons of clothing, 16,000 tons of food, and 3,000 tons of medical and educational supplies and equipment to relieve the suffering of millions of people in 146 countries throughout the world.

On July 11th of this year a chartered cargo plane left Salt Lake City, laden with humanitarian supplies for war-stricken Kosovo. The supplies arrived in Macedonia on July 11 and were loaded onto trucks to complete delivery to thousands affected by the war, including massive numbers of refugees returning to demolished or heavily damaged homes. The nearly 90,000 pounds of humanitarian relief cargo included 25,000 hygiene kits with nearly 29,000 bars of soap and 25,000 tubes of toothpaste.

Another 50,000 hygiene kits are being assembled by Mormon Church groups in England and Germany, and in Seattle, Dallas and Atlanta. Also in the shipment will be kits that include blankets, diapers and other essential items for the care of new-born babies. In addition, 8,000 food boxes are being prepared in San Diego, Mesa and Denver, and at three locations in Utah.

Earlier shipments of food, clothing and other supplies were sent by the Church to the war's refugees and other victims. Some shipments have gone by air, others by sea.

In addition, the Church is purchasing 25 tractors to be used by returning Kosovar refugees for farming and cleanup work.

These supplies and equipment are but a small portion of LDS humanitarian service provided without regard to race, religion or culture to destitute and needy people worldwide.

This doesn't sound like the work of a cult to me. But then, then way some preachers lie about other religions doesn't sound like the work of a true Christian either. I am beginning to think that I would rather have a Mormon in the White House than a self-proclaimed Christian that doesn't recognize the good that other people do.

Read the full articles here and then let me know what you think:

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